Thursday, August 21, 2014

Secret Ingredient: Cold Water?

After a couple weeks of Barker gradually resisting anything on a spoon more and more, I'd resigned myself to only feeding him foods that could be mushy and bite size for him to eat.

...until yesterday I had a thought...

When I first started him on cereal I always made it with cold breast milk from the fridge. Now that I am making it with water, I am simply using tepid water from the sink.

Maybe it's the temperature that is bothering him.

I quickly remembered that when we were on a trip north this summer he always ate his oatmeal when it was made with water, but the water was very cold there. There were also times I mixed it up and kept it in the fridge for awhile where he had no problem eating it.

Yesterday I tried refrigerating the oatmeal after I made it and guess what, he ate it!

Today I have made his cereal twice with cold refrigerated water and my happy little eater is back! Woo hoo!

(This was a few weeks ago but I find it appropriate for this post =))

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