Saturday, January 26, 2019

Meet Beau

Well, it’s been nearly 2 years since my last finished post and the reason why is pretty simple: I had another baby! It was another difficult journey to get him, but that’s another story.
Meet our Beau:

Beau joined our family last spring and was only 6.5hrs past his due date! This sweet boy has taken to his role as the youngest brother quite well. He is easy going, puts up with older brother shenanigans (they’re a bit obsessed with him) and has even started wrestling on his own. Ha

Now that he is exploring the world (on his own terms, do not try to hold him down, even if it’s just to change a diaper) and gaining independence, I’m finding it easier to get our home learning projects in, adventure outside with the kids and even take on some projects just for me. Like this blog for example. ;)

Life with three boys is never boring. And I am very blessed by how much they love each other. (And enjoy matching!)

Beckett is full of imagination, Beau is a happy explorer, and Barker loves to learn. Our house is full of Disney, Super-heroes, books, art projects, legos, snacks and tons of photos.

So now you’re basically filled in. Let’s see if I can have a few more entries in 2019. :D