Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dress Shopping

Yesterday, Barker and I went dress shopping with my sister-in-law Hannah. We were looking for something for me to wear to the fancy schmancy 30th Wedding Anniversary Party my sisters and I are throwing for my parents in a month!

The first place we checked out was Macy's and there were some nice ones there, I even found one on clearance that I really liked, but I thought it wise to check out a few other places before deciding so I put the dress back, remembering exactly where I put it, then we hit the food court and a few other stores in the mall. Not even a full two hours later it was decided the dress at Macy's was the best, so I went back to look for it while Hannah checked for something in another store.


When I got to the clearance rack, it was gone! I could only find one other of that dress and it was another size up! (The original clearance size was already a little loose, so I knew I couldn't wear the bigger size.)

I asked a sales lady if she had seen the dress and she checked out the nearby dressing room for me but did not find it.

I then proceeded to push my stroller through the racks looking for it, then through every dressing room I could find on the floor. (Seriously, there were like 8 dressing rooms between misses, juniors and women's!)

I was starting to sadly resolve that the dress was gone when I decided to check one last dressing room. It was the one the sales lady had checked for me, but I thought I better look myself.

I checked the rack by the dressing room entrance and it wasn't there. =( Then I saw in a mirror that there was one more rack to check. I strolled over...and wedged between the last few dresses on the was there!!!

Naturally I HAD to buy the dress after I'd gone through so much trouble to find it. I guess it's never realize how much you like somthing until it's gone... ;) =P

And now I have a lovely dress that I got on clearance to wear to my parents' anniversary dinner. What do you think?

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