Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dreaming of a fenced in yard

I can't wait to have a fenced in yard one day.

Sahara constantly thinks she wants to go outside, but as soon as we get up, take her out, chain her up and come back in, she has already tangled herself in some bushes and declared she is too hot and ready to come back in.

This could happen every 30min if we'd let it.

Meanwhile I have a 9 month old going through another separation anxiety phases that insists on coming out with me. Oh and we have a pool by the chain so I can't just sit him down. I'm getting surprisingly good at chaining and unchaining the dog with one hand now...

Our current backyard isn't the biggest, and it has a big ditch that tends to hold water so a fenced in yard isn't feasible. =/

My dream is to one day have a big fenced in yard in the midwest where I can simple open the door of a mudroom and let the dog run outside for an hour. Then, once she has worn herself out, I simple open the door to let her come back in.

*sigh* One day...

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