Monday, August 25, 2014

Doggy Care

If you're a mom then you know that when someone loves on your kid, you feel loved too. I think the same goes for my furry kid as well.

Today I was calling and booking basically all of our appts for September. The last call I made was to make arrangements to board Sahara while we are out of town next month. I called up Lisa's Pretty Paws Pet Salon. All I had given them was my last name and before they could even look it up in their computer, the girl said, "Is this for Sahara?" I replied yes and she said, "yay!" How sweet is that? I knew our dog was special. ;)

So if you are in the Oldsmar, FL area, I highly recommend Lisa's Pretty Paws.
  • They are very sweet and get to know your pets
  • They have gone above and beyond to accommodate us when they had run out of space on a busy weekend
  • They've defended my dog when another caretaker made untrue claims about her
  • They only charge $20 a day for my 75lb dog!
  • They are also a groomers so they'll beautify your pet for you before pick up =)
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