Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Making the Bed

I've read in multiple articles over the years that making your bed in the morning will somehow cause you to have a more productive day.

I never disagreed with this logic, it all makes sense. I've been making my bed every morning since I was little and I've always been pretty good about getting things done. But I'm also a morning person and I hate to procrastinate.

Sadly, since I've been married I've pretty much had to settle on making the bed by setting up my pillows and pulling up the sheets on my side as my husband sleeps in, then wakes up and leave his side unmade. ;)

Brett is out of town this week though so I actually got to make the bed yesterday morning! (At the time I didn't really feel like doing it, but seriously, the whole room looks cleaner when it's made; and we had just cleaned the whole house on Saturday so I'm trying to keep things neat!)

And guess what?

I had the most productive day I've had in a very LONG time. (Possibly since the baby arrived.)

I made numerous calls and appointments. (Pretty much setting up everything that needs to be done in September.)

I caught up on all my emails.

Did a little laundry.

Updated this blog. ;)

Made a trip to Target with the kiddo.

AND managed to provide all of my meals at home without the help of a drive-thru.
(Oh and I made brownies while my chocolate-hater husband is out!)

Did making the bed in the morning actually help? I don't know. But I definitely feel more productive when the house is clean.

I've already made the bed this morning...I wonder what I'll accomplish today...

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And in case you're wondering what my Barker Bear is up to:
Enjoying his play house.
I can't wait until he starts catching on to the "joys of cleaning." (If I make it like a game and pretend it is fun, he'll do it. Right??) 0:-)

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