Thursday, August 28, 2014

Play Dates

I am a huge fan of play dates.

They give Barker a chance to interact with other kiddos (even if it's just observing the bigger ones running around) and it gives me a chance to connect with other Moms that are going through the same things as me.

Yesterday was our MOPs kickoff play date for this school year.

MOPs is for "Mothers Of Preschoolers." Our church has a group that meets once a month and has a scheduled play date once a month. It was so great joining last year, I got to know a lot of other moms around me that shared their experiences and gave me some great ideas. So I'm looking forward to it officially starting up again next month!

If you don't have an outlet like this in your life, I highly encourage you to find one in your area at!

As you can tell, yesterday's play date was at the park. Barker was surprisingly, not too into the swings, but he enjoyed climbing through the tubes and finding new friends! =)

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