Friday, August 15, 2014

Baby's First Food Allergy

Well, it happened, our little one has a food allergy. =(

On Saturday Barker was getting sick a lot in the afternoon so after careful review and reflection on his past issues, we determined it might be sweet potatoes. I waited a few days, gave him some at lunch yesterday and 2 hours later...he confirmed the allergy all over both of us.

My poor baby. I've never heard of someone being allergic to sweet potatoes before, but I had noticed earlier this summer that the sweet potato puffs even made him spit up quite a bit more. At the time I suspected that was because I had tried a different brand.

He seems to be feeling better now and was still able to sleep through the night (Oh yeah, he SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT NOW! =D) but he does seem slightly off.

He has been acting super tired all week which apparently can trigger a loss in appetite as well. Perhaps he is going through a growth spurt too? He does look longer today...

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