Monday, October 27, 2014


This month I started weening Barker from breastfeeding.

The whole thing is bitter-sweet.

It is sad to see how fast he has grown. (I've been scrapbooking his first year so I'm constantly looking at pictures of him right now) This time a year ago I was ready to go into labor any day and now he's a week away from turning one!

But I'm focusing on the positives.

1. He is more independent!
2. I'm not the only person that can feed him. (Yay, I could leave him with a sitter for longer than 4 hours!)
3. He is able to eat most of the things I also eat now so preparing dinner isn't as hard. (And he insists on sharing anyway)
4. My wardrobe is no longer limited to items I can nurse in. (Yay! I can wear dresses again!)

On Saturday I ran out of my freezer stash of breast milk so he started drinking whole cow's milk. He was a little confused the first time, but he really hasn't had any trouble making the switch. I'm so proud of him.
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I was very gradual with the weening, dropping one feeding a week. This is our last week and I am nursing him once a day in the early morning.

I've already started cleaning out my closet to pack away all of my nursing tanks etc. While I was at it I did my semi-annual clothing purge as well where I basically get rid of anything I no longer wear, doesn't excite me, or I've replaced with an updated version.

I feel kind of like a new chapter is beginning now that Barker is one. It's sad to say goodbye to baby Barker, but this new stage of independence and play is amazing and exciting.

Besides, there will be other babies in no time and I'll be rearranging my wardrobe again.

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