Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall Festivities

On Saturday we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather we've had lately and go on a fall adventure! Living in FL means missing out on all the fun fall festivals, pumpkin patches and orchards that we would be visiting up north, but we do have our own versions.

In the morning we visited the Fall Wildflower Festival at the Brooker Creek Preserve.
It was a fun, FREE outing for the little guy.

We saw many, many butterflies and even attempted to feed some.

Barker pretended to be a caterpillar.

We walked along paths and took in some nature.

We felts different animal pelts.

Discovered some awesome rocking chairs.

Checked out kid friendly wildlife displays.

Learned about bees and sampled some local honey. (Barker did not get to sample. ;))

Then we decided it was time to pumpkin shop. We went to a local church's pumpkin set up. Not quite like going to a farm or orchard up north, but still fun for our little guy.

There were plenty of pumpkins that were just the right size.

He picked one! Apparently it was yummy.

And of course we needed a family picture at the "pumpkin patch."

Overall, a very fun and festive Saturday in October. =)

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