Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Keeping Busy -- Little Updates

Brett's travel is picking back up again this month. Spring and Fall tend to be full of back to back trips for him. Not cool, but I have to believe it wont be like this forever... the worst is when his travel happens on a weekend as well. (As it did last weekend)

This keeps me pretty busy though. I've been knitting and learning how to embroider on knitting.
A work in progress

Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.

Catching up on laundry.

Decorating for fall. (fairly minimal this year)

Planning Barker's first bday party! (Barker Bear at the Beach Theme!)

Visiting with friends.

Going to church.

Oh yeah, and watching Barker discover new talents and go on adventures.

The dog likes to play too.

So that is what we're up to these days.

Oh and did I mention Brett's plane was struck by lightning this morning???!!! Noooot cool. I am SO glad God is in control and kept him safe.

Now, back to the kiddos and the house...

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