Saturday, October 11, 2014

Baby and Puppy

Barker and Sahara have an interesting relationship right now.

Barker loves Sahara and because he is currently in a sharing stage (sweet when he shares his snacks with you, a little frustrating when he insists that you share your lunch with him) he wants to share with Sahara.

When he has his cereal snack in the middle of the day, I let him eat it out of a take-and-toss bowl on the floor with his water sippy next to him. He's pretty good about eating it there and Sahara sits close by, hoping he'll accidentally drop one on the floor and forget about it.

This week, however, he has decided to share with Sahara. It is so sweet to watch him hold out a piece of cereal right in front of her nose, but it definitely makes me nervous. I always have to stop him. And thank God Sahara is great with him. She hasn't even tried to lick his hand. But if he drops it, she's going to eat it. ;)

This morning Barker got to Sahara at her water bowl and before I could pick him up, he started petting her head! It was very sweet and I was surprised he didn't go straight for the water to splash. Sahara didn't even seem to mind. But, dogs are supposed to be territorial with their food, so I had to pull Barker away.

All this shows me that they are right when they say malamutes are great with kids. I think it has to do with their pack mentality. She has never had a problem sharing her food bowl and water.

What upsets Sahara most about Barker these days is when I help him practice walking. She does NOT think he should be walking upright. Haha She gets pretty feisty about it--jumping around and growling. I wonder if she thinks he is a type of dog and that isn't natural?

I guess she'll have to get used to it pretty soon though...

How are your dogs with your kiddos? Feel free to share in the comments!!

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