Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Scheduling and the Dentist

You may recall that last week I called and set up all our appointments for September.

At the time I then logged them on my ical and invited my husband to the events so he could see them. I also wrote them on our physical calendar in the kitchen. Then, I proceeded to remind my husband of my dental appointment every day for the 3 days leading up to it.

And what should happen at 8:15 yesterday morning, only 1hr and 45min before my appointment?
Brett discovers he has a meeting at 10:30 (only 30min after my appointment begins) that he must attend at the office.

Oy. Barker isn't exactly old enough to sit at a dentist office while my cavities are being filled...

So I call and am able to move my appointment to 2.

An hour later I come downstairs, after putting the baby down for his morning nap, and Brett announces, "the meeting was cancelled."

*face plant*

Anyway, here is my dental selfie:
Bored, waiting for the numbness to really kick in so we can get the filling party started...
 Half of my mouth was numb from for 5 hours. What an exciting time... At least now my teeth are all pretty and no longer sensitive! =P

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