Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hand Foot and Mouth Disease =(

On Friday morning I noticed Barker was feeling pretty warm. I took his temperature and it was 100.4

I gave him some Tylenol and tried to keep him comfortable and encouraged extra naps. He was quite the trooper. His fever lowered during the day and he didn't act too upset, just clingy as he typically gets when he isn't feeling well.

That night he woke up a lot. I didn't really end up falling asleep until 2am.

On Saturday his fever was still there, but after some morning Tylenol it went down again. He was a little more irritable and I continued to encourage naps.

Last night he woke up pretty much every hour but was able to self-sooth for the most part.

When I looked at him in the daylight this morning it was clear he had a rash. The rash wasn't horrible, but included tiny red bumps on his face, hands and diaper area.

After his morning nap, the rash was even more obvious.

It is Sunday, so, after making some calls, Brett talked to our insurance's nurse hotline. They confirmed (after a lot of questions) what we suspected, it must be hand foot and mouth disease. =(

The poor little guy doesn't look great, but he still smiles back sweetly when you smile at him. He also does not want Mommy out of his sight. Preferably, Mommy should be holding him at all times.

Say a prayer for our little guy! Thank you!

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