Thursday, May 29, 2014

Self Soothing

I don't know if it's the "6 Month Wakeful Period," teething, traveling, or an uncool combination of all three, but Barker seems to have forgotten how to self sooth. Our poor baby can be halfway to sleepytown in our arms but as soon as we put him in his crib, he's "wide awake" and crying. Last night he kept reaching towards me. It's so sweet and hard to not just bring him to bed with us, but I know he has to relearn how to sleep in his own crib. Waking up every 2hrs through the night is not fun.

For now I pace and pat him on the back until he falls asleep and then very delicately put him down in the crib while rubbing him until I know he's asleep. Here's hoping he'll adjust soon and be able to get himself back to sleep in the night on his own! Mommy needs a solid block of sleep.

Say a pray for our little guy.

Sleeping on our flight back to Tampa

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