Saturday, May 31, 2014

Baby Tastes

Yesterday I made applesauce and gave Barker his first bite of apple! I think he liked it. He wasn't quite as excited about it as he is for oatmeal, but he didn't give me "what are you feeding me?" looks like he does with peas. I even mixed a little apple in with his morning oatmeal and he enjoyed it. =)

Peas are a different story of course. I'm still giving him some every day though to help him acquire a taste for them, but I can't blame him. Only recently have I begun to enjoy peas and I'm 26 years older than he is. ;)

During lunch yesterday he giggled as I fed him peas because he would put up both his hands and take the spoon from me. He would also stick his fingers in his mouth to play with the food, pull it out, and then push it out with his tongue. He also would giggle as he refused to open up for another bite.  That's my silly boy!

I wonder what peas taste like when mixed with applesauce...

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