Tuesday, May 20, 2014

About to Fly with a 6mo Old!

I have successfully packed one bag and one diaper bag that should contain everything my 6 month old and I need for the next week and we're ready to fly to Cincinnati! This will be our first time flying just the two of us.

Barker was pretty good when we flew over Christmas, but he was only 6-8 weeks old and there were four adults to hold him. Now I have a very wiggly 6 almost 7 month old that wants to roll on the floor and has a hard time falling asleep quietly in someone's arms. I'm optimistic though.

I've put together some "busy" items for him to play with, such as, felt shapes on a ribbon, foam shapes, and straws in a bottle. He hasn't seen these before either so I'm hoping they will keep him entertained on a direct 2 hr flight.

We're also flying out in the morning so he shouldn't be worn out and cranky from a long day yet. ;)

In 12hrs, we'll be in Ohio! Guess I should try and get a little sleep now...

P.S. I took on driving with Barker and Sahara at the same time today when I went to drop Sahara off for the next week and they both were very well behaved! Although Barker seemed to be a little confused as to why the dog was in the car with us. ;)

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