Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Toddler Baking

Today is my birthday and tomorrow is Thanksgiving so this morning's project was baking cookies. Barker was very excited and kept saying, "cookies!"

How cute is he in his Daddy's apron? :)

Barker loves putting things in the mixer.
Only one wooden spoon was broken when it got tossed in while the mixer was on...

This guy woke up from his nap and caused Mommy to be distracted. ;)
While I was tending to Beckett, I taught Barker to lick his sugar hands so he wouldn't get hand prints on the furniture.
Back to work!

We made oatmeal craisin cookies. Festive, no?

Always good to sample as you go.

And after the baking part, it was time to eat!

Warning, after making cookies with your toddler, he will probably want to eat them all at once. Be sure to have distractions.
Such as lizard chasing outside...

Happy Thanksgiving!

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1 comment:

  1. Looked like he had a good handwasher standing right next to him in the great room...I bet Sahara would have loved to cleaned his hands for him