Saturday, November 21, 2015

What I am Thankful For

Brett will honestly tell you he's "not a baby person." It's true. He thinks he doesn't know what to do with them and after 5 minutes of crying he can't handle it anymore and will quickly hand the baby back to me.

When Barker was only a few months old he told me he'd be okay once he could "reason with him." This always made me chuckle because when can you ever "reason" with your child?
Luckily that ended up meaning, once he can walk, play with a ball and start talking.

He may think he isn't a baby person, but it is obvious to me he is a good Daddy and husband.

When Barker was 10 months old we went on a cruise and he had fluid on his ears. One night we just could not get Barker to calm down and we were exhausted. Brett then took Barker and paced the ship until he found a lounge chair by the pool on the upper deck where the white noise of the ocean and the cool air helped get him to sleep.

A couple weeks ago Beckett was crying while I was getting Barker ready to go somewhere. I was trying to work fast and getting a little stressed. Then Brett came out of his office, walked over to Becett, picked him up and calmed him down within about 2 minutes. It was amazing and so sweet.

I know this baby stage is rough on him, but when we really need him, he is always there.

When I tell him about the number of times the baby woke me up, or how both boys AND the dog were all crying for something at the same time that day he tells me what is probably the best thing he could say in that situation, "you're a good mom."

Earlier this week he made me laugh when I was talking about trying to stay organized and be productive and he said,

"Every day you keep the boys alive is productivity for you."

That made me smile, not just because it's silly, but also because he meant it. :)

So this Thanksgiving Season I couldn't be more thankful for this man that God has placed in my life.

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