Monday, November 23, 2015

Toddler Cleaning

I decided a long time ago that when Barker wants to help me clean, I'll try my best to let him do it. Sure that often means it takes 4X as long, but in the long run it'll help if he learns to do it right when he's little and takes an interest! Right? ;)

His favorite is using the Swiffer, and I'll admit, that is the worst because he loves pushing the button to get the soap out and he really doesn't understand how to clean with it or that it's just for the hard floors (not rugs).
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Sometimes I just sneak using it when he's out of the room...

Last week I was dusting and his favorite part is of course spraying the pledge. It got sprayed in his face a few times...
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Today he wanted to help mop. I have two mops now so he got to use one.

It took a little longer than usual... and the floors got REALLLY wet. But I think he enjoyed himself.
My mom recently got us a mop and bucket that spins. That was super amusing.

Now I just hope he keeps up this interest in cleaning as he gets older!
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  2. Oh my goodness, this is way too cute! I hope he stays interested in cleaning too! I especially like the mopping in socks part. lol