Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Barker is Two!

Beckett is snoozing and Barker is playing on his iPad so I actually get a moment to blog and drink my Chai Latte while it's still warm! =)

Here we go.

Last week my first baby boy turned TWO!
His big gift was a tricycle and a helmet. =)
I hadn't planned to do too much this year, but we ended up taking a trip up to visit our families and the Grandparents made it extra special. =)

Both sides gave him cake.

There were balloons.

And of course presents!

Can you tell he is a Mickey Mouse Fan?

Then on his actual birthday we were back home and Brett decided to take Barker out to a special dinner...Chuck E Cheese ;) (Beckett and I were there too of course!)

Birthday Churro, he loves to dip!

So here are Barker's stats and favorites:

Height: 34.5"

New Skills: Knows most of his capital letters, a couple numbers, basic colors, repeats everything, follows simple directions (such as throwing something away), Big Brother (checks on Beckett, brings him toys, gives "knuckles" and kisses), sorting colors, sorting shapes, getting better with a spoon, navigating his iPad, jumping and spinning while dancing

Favorite color: Yellow (because it's fun to say)
Favorite Toys: Blocks/Legos, iPad, Balls
Favorite Foods: Pizza, Bananas, Grapes, Milk
Favorite Shows: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse aka "House," Sesame Street, Sheriff Callie's Wild West
Favorite Animals: Dog, Elephant
Favorite Songs/Dances: The Wheels on the Bus, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes
Favorite Books: Go Dog Go, The Cat's Pajamas
Favorite Activities: Playing outside, playing on his iPad, eating, running with Sahara, playing with Beckett, reading books, building with his blocks or Legos, Dancing

You can't help but love this sweetie pie!

So did I get through this entire entry without being interrupted? Absolutely not. I am finishing my cold Chai Latte now. ;) But I'm okay with that.

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