Thursday, December 10, 2015

Taking a Mental Day

(Clicked to publish this Monday but it didn't go through! Oh well, here it is now)

On the surving (0) to thriving (10) scale I'd say we're at a 2 today.

While Beckett is on his best behavior and hasn't had one true colic fit yet today (knock on wood), 

Barker is testing me.

I was so happy when Beckett gave me a strong 5hr stretch of sleep last night. It made me hopeful after the rough colic filled day we had just survived. 

But then, about 10min after I had just gotten back to sleep, Barker woke up.

It was 4:30am.

Usually when it's that early I can bring him into my bed and he'll go right back to sleep. Sadly that was not the case today.

Then he spent the morning running around with the dog, which isn't bad until he opens the door out to the garage, gets into some ornaments and then calls the dog to come out and join him.

Of course the lack of sleep makes him cranky. (Me too ;))

But thankfully the boys tend to take turns with their crazy days and Beckett has been quite the trooper.

He even napped by himself long enough for me to paint my toes while Barker crawled on my back. (I just pretended he was giving me a massage...)

So I'm taking a mental health day. We are all still in our pjs and I'm reading and rocking Beckett while Barker is up to his usual silliness. 
(Ok the makeup thing happened Friday, but I now cringe every time he goes near our bathroom.)

I just hope the random assortment of items I tossed in the crockpot taste good for dinner tonight. :)

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  1. What a day and time :( Sure wish we were already closer and could help out.