Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Extended Family Vacation

Last week my family (Mom, Dad, Sisters and of course Brett, Barker & Myself) had our first summer family vacation together in 5 years!

Me (And Little Brother), Mom, Dad, Starla, Sierra, Brett, Barker
I'll admit, vacationing while 33 Weeks pregnant and chasing a 21month old around is not always the most restful and relaxing, but having my family there to help and just hang out with was great.

Barker 21mo; Me 33.5wks Pregnant with Little Brother
My parents got a condo near the beach and only 40min (depending on traffic) from our house. Being this close to our due date, I didn't want to go too far. We all started out at the condo, but after one night of tossing and turning in a bed that wasn't mine (probably an old mattress) and suffering through a summer head cold right along with my toddler (don't you love when they share the random illnesses they pick up?) I knew we would need to commute from our house to the condo each day. Without proper rest at night this already fatigued preggo and restless toddler were not going to to make it. I also ended up taking Barker to the doctor and it turned out his cold had triggered a bronchitis flare up and ear infections. He's a trooper though!
Grandma snuggles
 We were able to get in some quality beach time. Barker of course loves the sand and water and was always sad when it was time to go.

An exceptionally windy day
Walking the Beach at Night

We also tried out some tasty restaurants.

On Thursday we took a trip to a very hot and humid Busch Gardens.

It was super fun, but after about 20min I knew this would be my last trip before baby. It was just tooo hot. Little Brother was constantly moving around, Braxton Hicks contractions were in full swing and my back and stomach were pretty sore by the end. (Who knew small benches on a train could be so uncomfortable? ;))

The giggles and smiles on Barker's face made it so worth it though, and I love that my family got to really bond with him this week. That's not easy with us all living in 3 different states. Until this trip we hadn't seen my younger sister, Starla, since Christmas!

I'll end this post with a few more picture perfect moments from the week.

And now I have 6 (or less) weeks to relax and prep for Little Brother's arrival! Can you believe it??

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