Friday, August 21, 2015

Making Play Dough

With no real plans for this weekend, I was looking for fun things to do with Barker. Sadly it's still way to hot to go to a park and I'm feeling too pregnant to chase Barker around the mall or library. So I got on Pinterest to look for fun toddler crafts and activities.

When I came across a simple play dough recipe I knew that would be perfect! Barker could have his first "cooking" project, and then a new toy as well.

First we gathered the ingredients and put on aprons.

How cute is my little guy in one of his Daddy's aprons? hehe

 Then we measured and mixed ingredients.
This brought giggles =)
Next, Barker got to pick out a color for the play dough. He ended up choosing yellow.

Then just a little kneading and finally it was done! Of course Barker had to taste it.

I wasn't too concerned seeing as I knew it would be yucky and salty, but also edible since it only had flour, cream of tarter, salt, oil and water.

(not a fan of the taste ;))

And now we play!

Not a bad way to spend a Friday morning. =)

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