Monday, August 17, 2015

Barker's Toddler Room!

We have finally finished Barker's toddler room!
(Just in time to work on the nursery before Little Brother arrives)

Barker is inheriting Brett's old office which happens to have a giant baseball wall already. Brett liked to have his telepresence calls "live from home plate." ;) So we used that to set our theme!

Here is Barker's Baseball/ Cincinnati Reds Toddler Room!
 View from the door.

A closer look at the details:
 Barker's Bed! Complete with Baseball sheets (which he loves), a blanket Brett got at a Red's game  and Mr. Redlegs on the wall. =)

I bought this hutch/dresser/bookshelf from Amazon! On the door side we installed a child lock so I can keep diapers, wipes, crayons, stickers and other items out of reach of Barker, but still have them stored in his room. The drawers have t-shirts & shorts. The rest of his clothes are in his closet. And the books are at a perfect reach for him! =) (He loves to read)

 We got hooks from target and hung one low enough for Barker to reach. He was pretty excited about that.

 We already had this bookshelf. (I used it in college) Now it's a toy shelf! Barker is pretty good about putting his toys away, or at least as good as any 21mo old can be. ;)

Above his shelf is my bulletin board from college that I switched over just for him. He likes to point out people in the pictures. And the medal is from his swim lessons. =)

Brett painted this wall and added the shelf and reds items when this was his office. It's awesome.

The shelf now holds Barker's special Costa Rica Monkeys that Brett brought back from his work trips there. =)

So there is Barker's adorable Cincinnati Reds Baseball Room! He has been sleeping in there for about a month now and is doing really, really well. He now goes to sleep at night without a fuss, sleeps through the entire night (usually), and when he wakes up he just plays with his toys until we come in to get him. It's awesome! Now we just have to see how he adjusts to having a baby brother just two doors down...

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