Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Nursery for Little Brother

Little Brother is due in just 3 weeks and today we put the final touches on his nursery. =)

For Barker we painted the nursery tan and blue and went Monkey crazy.
The Nursery Before Barker arrived
 I didn't want Little Brother to just have an entirely hand-me-down nursery, so I found a bedding theme that could use the monkeys, but also give him his own thing. He got an animal train theme!

From that we picked out the Lion to represent Little Brother so now the Monkey and Lion are hanging out together just as we hope the boys will. ;)

The rest is pretty similar, I plan to add pictures of course once he is here.

I just love this room! Soon I will be able to rock with both of my boys and create more happy memories here. =)

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