Monday, January 19, 2015

Toy Organizing!

After two months of presents (Barker's First Birthday & Christmas) our current toy "storage" (a coffee table) was getting a little over stuffed.
I looked online and thought about different toy storage units/shelves but couldn't really decide on one.

Today I finally decided to do something about our toy explosion in the corner of the family room. I collected every single toy and almost every book as well as the baskets and boxes we had been storing them in. Then I separated them out into 6 piles. One pile will stay in the family room, one will go to Barker's bedroom, and the others are in our "storage room" waiting to be rotated in. The plan is to rotate his toys every few days. Hopefully this will cut down on the crazy messes, keep him better entertained and make everything a little more manageable.

I also must admit, I love organizing. Sorting books and toys into bins gave me a fun flashback to my teaching days. =)

So here is what our coffee table/ toy display now looks like!
Of course there are still plenty of larger toy items around the house.

Let's see how long we can make this last... ;)

(And yes, we still need to do something with our Christmas Tree. 0=))

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