Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Clearance Shopping for Toddler Clothes

Something I love about post-Christmas sales...shopping for next year's fall/winter clothes!

I get a ton of emails from different clothing stores all year, I often delete the emails because there are way more than I need, but I do keep an eye on the deals. I've started to notice that around mid-late January the deals on winter clothes really take off. (No pun intended ;))

So, over the last few weeks I've stocked up on some great items for Barker to wear next fall/winter. Not too much because you can't exactly predict how quickly he will grow, but I can guess. I also know that at any size he is going to need jeans. So when I see 60-80% off deals AND I have my own coupon and store cash, I get pretty excited!

May favorite sites for scoping out the clearance section are Kohl's and The Children's Place. This month I also checked out Crazy 8 and found some good deals (thank you 20% off coupon from Parent's Magazine)!

And now, here are some looks I can't wait to put my growing guy in next Fall:
From Crazy 8
 for fun, silly outings (plus our VBS theme is pirates this year! I hope this will fit by then. ;))
From The Children's Place
for my sophisticated little man

Teehee. Who says dressing up a boy can't be fun? =)
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