Friday, November 7, 2014

Barker's First Birthday!

I haven't posted in a bit because this past week has been a whirlwind of birthday festivities for my little Barker Bear!

He turned one on Tuesday (Nov. 4th) but we were busy all weekend.

On Saturday my parents were here and then my older sister arrived. In the morning Barker had his one year old pictures and in the afternoon I was busy baking his cake.

On Sunday was his party! With the time change and the random cold spell in Florida (it lasted just 2 days) his party was a little different from what I had expected but we had fun!

It was a Beach Theme! (And he wore two sweaters because of the chill, haha.)

We served food out of beach buckets.

Decorated with orange and blue streamers.

Had a party hat decorating table.

And even had a baby ball pit!

Oh and my pinterest inspired bears at the beach cake. =)

I think Barker enjoyed it.

I love my curious, cutie-pie One Year Old!

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