Thursday, November 20, 2014

Car Drama

Who knew how busy it could get running around with a one year old. ;) (Sorry I've been lacking on the posts lately)

So here is something crazy that happened this week and had nothing to do with having a little one.

On Tuesday Morning I was in my pajamas and Barker was eating breakfast when Brett came down and hugged us goodbye before leave to fly to CA for a couple days. (He's been traveling for work a lot lately, another reason I've been extra preoccupied, but luckily that's over for a short bit.)

I watched Brett walk out the door, then locked it behind him and went into the kitchen. A couple minutes later he was back at the door. "Umm, Shara, is something missing?" he said. I was a confused until I saw it...his truck was gone.

Yup, Brett's truck had been stolen right out of driveway in the middle of the night.

Needless to say it was rather shocking. Brett checked and we have all of the keys, and we have not missed any payments. The police came a few minutes later to officially file the report/ give us a case number.

Now we just wait for the insurance claim to go through so we can start finding a new truck. (And carseat.)

We are also double checking the locks at night now. (I kind of did that already, but it's nice that Brett finally realizes the importance of checking the doors every night ;))

Thank you God that there as nothing more valuable in the truck and we are all safe and sound.
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