Saturday, November 22, 2014

Car Drama Part II

I recently wrote about my husband's truck getting stolen. (Click here for that story)

Now, here's an update!

On Thursday night (just after the baby was put to bed) my husband got a call from the police. His truck had been found!
A friend drove him to meet the police where the car was. It was "hidden" on an abandoned lot in a sketchy part of town.

 The police dusted the whole thing for prints, and Brett unlocked the truck. (Yup, the perps had some how driven off the car, hid it, and locked it.) There was no sign of hot-wiring! This means, someone out there has another key? 

Nothing, I mean NOTHING had been stolen. The car was simply taken and hidden.

I guess the cops found it in time.

Of course, we were both pretty weirded out by the incident. The truck seemed tainted and we didn't know if they might come back for it.

Yesterday, Brett rinsed off the car and we took it to a dealer.

And now? We own a brand new Ram. Brett's pretty excited about it, and it does drive very smoooothly. ;)

I guess it all worked out! But now we have another problem on our adorable little pick-pocketer!

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