Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Sleep- My New Wonder Drug

I forced myself to get to bed at a decent time last night and woohoo, I'm feeling productive today!
I was able to think more clearly with the kiddos in the morning and had waaay more patience with them. In turn, they played nicely together all morning! 
I'm feeling productive (making calls, setting up appointments, going on a play date, working on laundry and a splash of dishes).
And you know what else is awesome about sleep? It works well on toddlers and babies too! Barker (for the first time in maybe a week) actually feel asleep at nap time instead of wondering around his room and sneaking out to the hallway! I'm predicting he'll be able to follow directions much easier this evening.
All this to say, I love sleep. I think I'll try to continue this trend... 
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