Monday, July 25, 2016

Things that help me keep my sanity

If you're like me, there are often times you look around at all the toys and chaos and think, "why do we have so much stuff? Do we really need all this?" Well, after going two weeks with the bare minimum and then getting a portion of our stuff back, I have come to realize all that stuff is what keeps me sane.
Here are my top examples at the moment

1. A high chair

Feeding a baby without a high chair is nearly impossible. It takes more time, it makes a big mess...I don't recommend it. Now that we have a high chair again, Beckett can once again be more independent in feeding himself and he's happy and out of trouble with less of a mess. Not to mention it's great to keep him happy and contained while I'm cooking.

2. Childproofing!

Baby proofing may seem annoying, but in the end it's a sanity saver! When the kids are happily playing in a safe, contained area, I can actually get stuff done! Now I don't have to hold the baby all day, or constantly follow the kids around. (Side note: this includes dog proofing, very important)

3. A Variety of Toys
Toys keep the kids occupied. Sometimes it's okay to just have a few out; we kept it minimal when selling the house. But now, I'm seeing how important it is to have a variety for the boys. Sure there is a big mess to clean up at the end of the day, but they kids are happy and can play independently. Yay! I never realized how great our toys are until the came back after 2 weeks and I suddenly was able to relax as I did housework again. Of course, Barker still finds random things to play with such as 20 hangers (no, 3 is not enough!) and empty tissue boxes (Beckett prefers them full).

4. Books/ Me time
When hubby is out of town and the boys don't have overlapping naps for awhile, this Mommy is STRESSED OUT! But last week I got a quick, enjoyable read from my favorite author's daughter (their styles are the same, it's awesome) and I actually read the whole thing in a week! I haven't finished a free reading book since January. My friends, it feels good to do something for me. And if you're looking for a light and happy summer read, I highly recommend Love & Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch. (Eating ice cream while reading isn't a necessity, but it highly enhances the experience.) Ps. It takes place in Italy! ;)

5. Exercise!
I have officially signed up to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon with my sister. Time to really get moving. I may not always feel like it, but on days I actually get myself running, I feel SO much better. (I tried running with the dog for awhile, but her attention span is too much for me to manage seeing as her breed is meant for pulling and sled--oh look a bunny! Let's sprint for it in the wooooooods! *yikes*)

I could got on all day with all the stuff keeping me sane right now, but for the moment, here are some honorable mentions:
- working video monitors
- my own van
- stocked kitchen
- stocked diapers and wipes throughout the house
- potty seats
- coffee
- help from family
- full wardrobe for whole family
- baskets for everything
- Sleep Schedules

And in the end what is also needed is a sense of humor and time to just enjoy the littles.

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