Saturday, July 2, 2016

Moving Day No. 1

Today is the day!
After the final craziness and insanity of pack up the house and the PODS we will be on our way!

We have remained busy this week as we said goodbye to amazing friends and family.

And going on some hot, sweaty park adventures just to escape the packing and get out of the way sometimes.

Of course Barker also got his cast off!

He was intrigued and didn't cry until he realized his Ironman arm was gone. He immediately wanted it back saying, "I want red. I want red. Firemaaaan." (He says Fireman instead of Ironman ;))
Poor guy 

Tub time of course helped. Last bath at our house in Florida! 
Let's compare that to their first baths in that tub and tear up a little...

(With the aforementioned craziness that is moving day, this is as far as I got with my blog and I'm only now--the next morning-- able to hit publish. Details about the travels will come later!)
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