Saturday, June 25, 2016

Take Me Outside

Beckett may only be 9 months old but I can already tell he is an outdoors guy.

Every time I take the dog out he tries to follow. Yesterday he even figured out how to slide the back door open when I took her out!

He also often pulls up on the glass and gets upset when he can't go out.

Lately, whenever I close the back door and he hasn't gotten to go out. He cries.
So, now I try to carry him while also taking out the dog. 

I cannot wait to have a big fenced in yard at our new house for the boys to just run and play. No more months of level 9 UV rays and temps that are constantly getting up to the mid 90's.

I anticipate lots of outdoor adventures and probably some backyard camping. 

Just 6 more days of packing and we're on our way north! And two more months until our new house is finished. :) 

I think our new yard will be a nice 1st Birthday present for our littlest guy.

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