Friday, June 3, 2016

Fun Friday: Baking Muffins

Barker ended up getting dressed before breakfast this morning, so I didn't want to give him cereal and milk to spill on his clothes.

Instead, we made muffins!

It was just a simple package, all we had to do was add milk. But Barker was excited to grab a stool and a spatula. 

Then, after the "light" mixing, I handed Barker the spatula for licking.
He got close but then giggled and backed away. Eventually, I licked it to show him it was okay. Then he tried and was a fan. ;)

Later, while eating the muffins, I got up to make some tea. When I came back, I saw my muffin was gone! I started to blame the dog until I looked over at Barker. "Did you take my muffin Barker?" Barker just giggled and took another bite.

Oh well, we have a few more.

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