Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Moving and the 4th

The past few days have been packed!

We managed to survive packing up the rest of the house with a only a few glitches...
For example: I was packing upstairs with Beckett when Barker ran into the room looking like this--
That would be sharpie. 

We couldn't get it all off before flying out, but we at least got him presentable so he wouldn't be stared at while walking through the airport. :P

Then the house was empty and it was time to go.
Bye-bye house

Then a quick stop to say goodbye to our niece. :'(

At the airport and while flying I was very impressed with Barker! At 2.5yrs he is following directions much better and his attention span is amazing! After just a little difficulty getting him to buckle his seatbelt, he amused himself by looking out the window, reading the safety instructions, taking a nap (=O), having a drink and doing puzzles. 
Beckett did a nice job flying too and even managed a little nap; but by the end of the flight he was restless and wanted down. I got poked in the eye as our wheels touched the ground. (I'd share a picture but naturally, I couldn't get one that wasn't a blur.)

Then we met up with my parents and continued the journey! Brett left with his Mom for a fishing trip and I took the boys with my parents to get settled in Cincinnati (our home for the next 2 months.)

We of course made a little stop to visit our house in the makings though. 

Barker hadn't seen it yet but he was a huge fan. He pulled his Papaw and later Aunt Sierra all over the house and he explored and pointed things out. 
Did you know you can see rocks and dirt out of every window?

The rest of the weekend was spent exploring my parents' house and neighborhood
and celebrating our country with family.

I even got to see my own grandma. :)

I'm still working on sleep recovery ;) but it's good to be back in Ohio.
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