Tuesday, May 5, 2015

We officially have an 18-Month-Old

Barker's half birthday was yesterday which now makes him 18 Months.

He has 16 teeth, is 32" tall and weighed in at 23lbs 13oz yesterday.

My mom has always said one of her favorite ages is 18 months and I totally see why. Barker is like a sponge right now learning new "tricks" and it is a lot of fun to watch. He finally started pointing to body parts when asked a couple weeks ago and quickly learns new ones to point to.
"Belly" is his favorite
 He also is experimenting even more with language. Last week we were coloring and I said, "color" and Barker would repeat, trying to say it better each time. In the end I could tell what he was saying for sure, but he managed to make "color" one syllable. haha Most of his two syllable words have become one syllable. It's quite impressive.

One of the sweetest things Barker does is bring us our shoes. Whenever he wants to go outside Barker first will find a matching pair of his shoes and place them to us. Then he will bring our own shoes. (And he almost always brings the correct shoes to the correct person, and they match!) Then, if that still doesn't work, (or we've waited to long to go outside after putting our shoes on) he will bring a hat and insist on wearing it. Then, it's time to go outside and play "ball!!" He tries to golf every day.

He simply enjoys being outside in general.

We really need to get more outside activities for him, but right now it's mostly golf and chalk.

He plays "ball" inside too, but he gets creative with his clubs. He's used a ladle, shovel, snorkel and ball popper so far.

You gotta love him!
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