Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Little Brother!

Yup! It's another Boy! Just as I predicted from the beginning. I started to doubt a couple times, but in the end, Mother's intuition was right from the start

We are super excited to have two little boys. They will be about 22 months apart so I think it's nice that they are the same sex and more likely to be into the same things.  Either way Barker will be very happy to have a little buddy to play ball with everyday. =)

We are not bothered to not have a little girl yet. We never planned to stop at two so I'm not worried. There is always next time (and the time after that ;)). Brett and I both come from families of 3 kids close in age. He comes from all boys and I from all girls so we know how great it can be to have same sex siblings and we're very excited that our boys will have that. And of course our dog is a girl so I'm not completely on my own. ;) Although the ultrasound tech called me "Queen of the Castle" and I think I like the sound of that...

So here are some pics of our very healthy, growing boy!
Little Brother (side view)
The dark spot in the middle of his chest is his heart beating at 146bpm. We saw all four chambers beating together--one of my favorite things about the 20wk appointment. =)

Facing forward

Little foot to kick Mommy

Holding up his hands like he's eating a sandwich

Baby Boy's Brain!

"Check out my guns!"

The tech measured him and predicts he already weighs about 15oz or maybe even a little more because it looks like he has chubby thighs and cheeks like big brother. =) She also said he has nice shoulders, is still perfectly in place (no restrictions!) and everything measures within 2 days of his due date (September 19th).

We can't wait to meet our second little boy in person in just 4 months! Hopefully he won't make us wait an extra week like his big brother... ;) <3

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