Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Barker's Growing Vocabulary

Barker is learning and using new words all the time now, so I thought I would list some of his most popular words and what they mean to him. ;)

Ball! --(always with exclamation) "ball" has multiple meanings 1. I want to go outside and golf 2. My ball is stuck under the furniture and you need to get it. 3. He sees a ball 4. His golf club or something he is using as a club

No --no, occasionally yes ;)

Wah --water, kool-aid, basically any drink in his sippy

Dad, Daddy, Dadda --he uses all three terms to refer to his dad whether he hears him coming into the room (very exciting!), looking for him, or missing him. Sometimes he just says it because he is thinking of him

Gool --aka "girl" This is how he calls and refers to our dog ("good girl") Sahara. Other dogs are often called "girl" too.

Bwett -- aka Brett, he thinks this means "I want your attention" (Hmmm I wonder how came up with that...)

Yay yay --Yay! I'm excited! I like that! =)

Up --upstairs, climb-up

Go --go ;)

Sit --sit, chair, sit down

Out --outside

Mom, Momma --I don't hear this often, but he knows who I am 

Yah --yes

Other words I've heard him try but not often include color, open, snack, under, and where. He's more a fan of one syllable words.
We are also getting head nods now which is fun. And of course he understands A LOT and is constantly pointing. It is so exciting to watch him grow, learn and communicate! =)

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