Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Bye Bye Crib

These past couple weeks my time has been spent training Barker to sleep out of his crib.

Originally I had planned to make the big transition in July or so and then move him into his big brother room, or even make both switches at the same time. But when he discovered how to climb out of his crib...
we knew it was time.

It is a process we are still working on but he is progressing.

We ended up placing a twin mattress on the floor, right next to his crib. This works out pretty well when Brett or I have to go lie down with him some times. Being 25 weeks pregnant does not help, but at least I am not on the floor. ;)

During the day I leave him in his room at 1 and he typically falls asleep in about 5 minutes, but usually on the floor right next to his door. Then he wakes up about 30min later and I'll go in to help him fall back to sleep on his mattress. Sometimes I'm able to then sneak out, but I often just ended up snoozing a little and then reading while he finishes his nap.

At night it starts out the same way (asleep in 5-10min, usually on the floor) and then he'll wake up once or twice in the night and we'll help him fall back to sleep then sneak out. 

There have been a few "restless nights" though where he keeps waking up and struggles to fall back to sleep. Last night he woke up at at 8pm, 9pm, 10pm and finally at 11:30pm I just brought him to bed with me. My body can only take so much right now. He continued to struggle and toss and turn most of he night even with me there. I wondered if he didn't feel well, but he was acting normal this morning

He must be in a growth spurt or something. Even on the days he sleeps well he seems sleepier than usual. It is pretty cute though to see him fall asleep in the middle of lunch.

Hehe So that is the big thing we've been working on over here.

Happy Snoozin'! And don't forget to click below!
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