Friday, April 17, 2015

Sharing the Sickies

Well we are serving our first all family illness. The stomach flu.

It started with Barker on Monday, got to me Wednesday and finally got to Brett last night.

Barker was quite the trooper even when he couldn't understand why he couldn't be with Mommy Wednesday night. He fell asleep at the bottom of the stairs missing me. The poor baby.

But the next day I was feeling up to sickie cuddles and cartoons on the couch.

Brett is certain he deserves a World's Greatest Dad mug after taking care of us only to then get it himself. Of course he now understands why I didn't feel like watching the food network yesterday.

At least Brett is recovering quicker than the rest of us.

And now my big boy toddler is learning to brush away the sick germs all by himself! 
I'm so proud of this little guy. 

He's super nurturing too. While Daddy was sick on the couch today he kept bringing him things like plastic Easter eggs and saltines. Hehe Always trying to help. :) You can't help but love him.

So that has been our week. It's Friday now right? Time for a restful weekend!

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