Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Baby's First Swim Lesson!

Barker had his first swim lesson today!

On the way there I was a little nervous. I knew I'd be in the water with my 17month old because it is a parents and tots class, but I didn't know what to expect. Barker of course had no idea what was going on and had a nice 15 minute nap on the way there.

Upon arriving Barker was pretty excited to see so many other little people! He paced back and forth on the sidewalk just smiling and checking everyone out. 

Then he saw it. The pool. He just knew he had to get in there! After being held back while he took off his flops and got in place with Mommy he was finally able to sit on the side and splash his feet while we learned about how the class would go and how we would get started today.

Then we got in! They like to start and end each class with a song that even has special pool motions where you get to kick and splash and spin around. Barker rather enjoyed the songs. There were giggles and claps. :)

Then we lined up and practiced "reach and pull" where he learned how to reach out his arms then pull them back to swim. All the while bouncing and moving with mommy to reach the floating toy we tossed in front of us. Barker really enjoyed this. :)

Then he got to be the teacher's example to learn kicks! He got very serious as he was leaned on her shoulder and she helped him kick his legs. Kicking is serious stuff! He also did very well when it was Mommy's turn to help him kick across the pool.

Finally it was time to get a taste of going under the water. (The part I was most nervous about.) The instructor made it super simple and easy though! She held Barker, counted to three, made sure he took a breath then dipped him under and guided him to me. Everyone clapped as each kid took his/her turn and there was no crying in our class of 6! Barker was a little confused by the going under the water business though. He gave the instructor a Judgy, "what are you doing?" look. Haha

Then we ended with another fun song and he was all smiles. I could tell he wanted to jump back in when it was time to leave, but we'll be back Thursday! I think this will be fun. :)

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