Friday, August 12, 2016

Special Moments

Written 8/12/16 but apparently didn't publish:

This summer Barker has been playing with a little road from a Lego set. He loves to prop it up like a ramp and just run all his cars on it. He knows each piece and every single piece must be connected. He calls it his "path."
 But as you can see, this path is small with only 3 tracks.

Yesterday, as he walked out of his office at the end of the work day, Brett declared Barker needed a new path. 
So after getting shoes on and loading up into the van we headed out for a quick dinner and a family trip to Toys R Us.
Naturally, the first exciting thing we saw there was a giant Paw Patrol display.
No time for pictures with his favorite Characters though, these toys needed to be inspected.
We also saw Thomas and his interactive display.
Then we finally found the Hot Wheels aisle and some "paths" to try out right there!
After a little playing while Daddy selected the perfect starter set, it was time to take it home.

By the time we got home it was past 8:00 (bed time is usually 7:30) but Daddy & Barker were too excited to be thinking about bed times.
I quickly put the baby to bed and then we let Barker stay up playing with his new tracks and cars until 9. (He still asked for "five more minutes." ;)) 
As I watched him jump with excitement and begin to experiment with the tracks and cars, I was happy to give him this special moment.
Staying up late on a summer night, building paths and playing cars with his Dad. :)

Then in the morning it felt like Christmas morning. Barker bounced on our bed asking if we could go play with the path. As I got up he cheered and then took off down the hallway. It was time to play with his special new toy.

I love this kid.

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