Monday, April 11, 2016

Possibly crawling?

Beckett is currently 6mo old and after much hard work he is finally moving! But I'm not sure I can qualify it as crawling...
He can get up on all fours and rock. He can even get his knees going a little. The hands, however do not really move yet.
Instead, he pushes really hard from his knees and launches forward kind of like when you swim and push off the wall. :p
He then squirms, pushes and pulls himself to the desired location.
And what might be his favorite items to crawl for? Electronics.
Any time I set my phone on the floor he is suddenly making a move for it.
Yesterday, he launched himself on top of his brother's iPad.
And sometimes he'll spot a laptop that was purposely placed out of the way.
And a few seconds later...
Yummy, cords!

He's a little man on the move and sure to get the hang of crawling soon! But in the meantime, I'll enjoy watching our little guy move like this:

 hehehe I love this little Dude
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