Saturday, April 30, 2016

Barker's Toddler Life

Barker has been busy this week. Every day I am amazed by the silly things he says or does.
So amid the messes from potty training this week... Here is what he has been up to:

Baths with his brother. Lots of giggles and requests for bubbles.
He drew a rainbow all by himself. (I'm pretty impressed)
Passed out while holding a party balloon
Checking on his brother during nap time (see previous blog entry)
Snacking in the deli (after sampling grapes in the produce section)
Playing in the clubhouse 

"Arrr! Ahoy!"
Playing in the new van. It's a new favorite.
He earned his first swimming ribbon. (For swimming with big arms)
Constantly hugging Little Brother or trying to move him to where he wants him.
It's hard to find the perfect sleeping position.
Mr. Sock Hands (he kept saying, "Mommy hug!" While I was trying to fold laundry. He wants my undivided attention. So, we played with the socks.
Getting a special dog cleaning when he had peanut butter hands.
And ending the work week with dumping water on Mommy. (I wouldn't let him water the dog or Little Brother.)

You gotta love him! But maybe a long nap would be nice as well...
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