Thursday, March 17, 2016


 3 out of the 4 people in this house are currently sick. It really isn't anything major, just a little head cold I think, but still no fun.

Barker has had a pretty constant fever of 99.5-100.5 for nearly 48hrs now. He seems fine for the most part but it coughing and has a runny nose. 
I know he isn't feeling well because he doesn't want to eat anything. Not even pb&j, his current favorite!

Last night was rough. Barker woke up a few times in his room very disoriented and upset. We finally brought him to bed with us around 11pm and then had a rough night of light sleep, getting coughed on and calming down an upset, half asleep, sick toddler. :( 

The baby has had a slight fever as well but is not having too much trouble. Mainly he is eating and sleeping a lot. There is a chance he has the bug AND is working on the 6 month growth spurt. I'm glad he is still happy. He even started eating solids this week. 

 So it looks like another day of taking it slow, watching cartoon, drinking fluids and attempting laundry... (I promise this head cold isn't that bad, but all motivation to get things done is out the window, esp when barker had me up at 5:45 after our restless night.)

Side note: Happy St. Patrick's Day and cheers to a healthier tomorrow.

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