Thursday, March 3, 2016

First Dip in the Pool!

It may just barely be March and the water is still rather chilly, but my toddler has had his eye on the pool for awhile now and yesterday I thought, tomorrow should be sunny and warm, let's do this.

So, today, I warmed up our hot tub to a "warm tub" and we got in!

Barker has always been a water lover and loved splashing as always.

He didn't want to get out! Even when the only "pool toys" I could quickly find were a couple old tupperwear pieces.

This was Beckett's first time in the pool ever! By this age Barker had been in the pool and to the beach multiple times, so it seems funny that he is already 5mo for his first dip. Although, when we move, it'll be even longer for the next kiddos.

I think he liked it.

And of course Brett didn't warn me when Barker snuck up behind us with a tub of water. He just kept the camera ready. :P

So that was our fun event for today. Fingers crossed it makes for a nice night of solid sleep tonight! =D

P.S. The cutest moment was when Barker was playing with his tub and Beckett was giggling. Then Barker said, "Beckett turn!" and handed me the tub for Beckett. =)
(Of course 30seconds later it was Barker's turn again. ;))

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