Friday, February 27, 2015

February Baby Projects

I've been a bad blogger this month.
But let me finished off February by sharing some of our projects this month. =)

We did our first home painting project!

Barker giggled when I painted his feet. It was super cute. =)

He also enjoyed trying some free hand painting.

All of which was followed by a nice bath. The paint came off as soon as it hit the water. yay!

And when we came back down, the dog had eaten the paintbrushes. =\  (She is so weird sometimes.)

Our other project was our Valentine photoshoot. I kept waiting for  a nice warm day so I could take him to the park, but that never happened. So, on February 13, I put him in a nice sweater and took photos in our backyard. He was very intrigued by my props. So intrigued, I couldn't get him to look at me. haha But here you go.

Pulling out flower petals. They did NOT belong in that basket. 

He was pretty proud of himself.

The dog had to help sniff things out.

My little babies!

And of course, the flower became a sword at one point. ;)

I'll try to be a better blogger in March... 
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