Monday, February 9, 2015

Baby at the Fair

It may be cold and snowy in most of the country, but here in Tampa Bay, it's rather lovely and warm. =) Perfect timing for our State Fair!

On Saturday we took Barker and the animals were a big hit. Prepare to ooo and awwe.

Here is a photo recap of our time at the Florida State Fair 2015:
We started with a plastic cow that mooed when it sensed someone was near. Barker was stopped in his tracks at first, then started mooing back! It was sooo cute. Of course he stopped when I tried to video record. ;)

Then we saw some real cows and the fun began! He was very intrigued and timid at first.

 The baby chick by far got the best smile and giggle. =)

The bunnies were also very intriguing!

 Then we got to feed some animals!

He really got the hang of grabbing a handful of seed! But then he would let it run through is fingers onto the ground. Holding it out to the animals was a little confusing, but he sure had fun. ;)

Of course he got to pet the animals.
And even attempted to brush one!

 Just watching our little guy walk around was sooo cute. (I know, I'm a little biased.)

 Leaves are also a popular attraction at the fair, and you can take one home for free!

Overall, it was a fun family outing full of new experiences for our little. I can't wait to go again next year. =)

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